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Darling Snavely and friends,

    It has been so long since the three darling witches have paid us a visit, and much has happened since we last corresponded. Our doggy dad and momma have left the homestead for awhile, and Runte has happily agreed to help us send you all this message.

    Our momma has completed her new book called CHOSEN PATHWAYS which we discovered one day when the folks were out. You see, Beau happen to wander into the computer room and peek into the file that was on momma’s desk marked ELAINE, and discovered the writtings. We all have been gathering in the computer room when the folks have left the house for adventures, and Runte has been ever so gracious to read parts of the book to us.

    We overheard momma and our doggy dad discussing ideas for the book cover one day, and then we all got to go on an adventure so momma could gather some new pictures of us for the book cover. Yummy oh yum!!!! There were lots of treats in it for us!!!! We really do like our treats, especially the chicken and yam wraps momma sometimes buys for us....yummy, yummy, oh yum. They are soooo good!!!! We have enclosed a photo of our adventure that is the book cover.

    Gadszooks and oh gollys......we nearly forgot to tell you it is already available in our local bookstore, The Bennington Bookshop and can also be purchased on AuthorHouse.com, Amazon.com, Barnes.com., in hard cover, soft cover, and Ebook format on line, as well from local book stores upon a human's request. We also overheard Elaine telling our momma that she thinks the new book is the best stuff momma has ever written. Of courselook it is, as we are all in it, and it is about some of our adventures, and us dogs do most of the talking!!!! We did allow a few humans to tell their stories too, for treats of course, and you guys are in it also, but we think the Blair chick might already be aware of this because we know our mommas communicate with each other nearly every day!!!

    We have enclosed a sample reading for all of you to read below. More news to follow later. Make sure you give all of our love to the Blair chick. 

Love, Lavish Licks, and Paw Shakes,

Kipper, Beau, and Tracker   


Here are the ISBN numbers for CHOSEN PATHWAYS. Just copy them down and hand them to the human at your friendly book store. It is also available in Ebook format.


HARD COVER: 9781452088396

SOFT COVER: 9781452088389




        I sit quietly on the deck in the backyard and watch the raspberry colored sky as the morning sun slowly rises over the majestic mountains that surround our valley. It is our Heavenly Father once again painting another masterpiece for all to behold and enjoy. I am so amazed as I watch the fog lift higher and higher over the horizon, filtering into the mountains and slowly dissipating from my view. In a few minutes its presence will be only a memory. I notice an occasional silhouette of an early-rising bird in search of food as it soars through the great puffiness of the fog. It is early November, cool, and the once colorful mountains of yellows, red, and oranges of last week have been replaced with hues of deep, majestic purplish colors. Strange how the colorful fall leaves seem to all of a sudden vanish, as if by magic. Where have they all gone?

I continue to watch silently as the sun starts to climb higher and higher in the sky, signaling to all the arrival of a new day. I look around at Kipper and Beau moseying around, just doing their doggy thing on the lawn when I suddenly notice the thick, white frost on the grass sparkling like a million diamonds as the sun continues to cascade its early morning rays. Funny how I did not notice that while I was out there rutting around a few minutes earlier with the two Labs in the backyard. I wonder why that is?

As the sun rises higher, the mountains become more majestic looking; the colorful hues of purples become deeper and more jewel-like with each passing hour. More birds are now awakening and are looking for their morning meal from the bird feeders my masters have precisely planted in the yard. Flocks of geese gracefully fly overhead, honking their presence to all as they pass, saying their “good byes” as they head off to their winter grounds. I patiently continue to sit and watch the new day dawning while our morning meal is being prepared by our doggy mom. Where is she anyway?

I stand on my hind legs and peer through the window and notice that she has already started that coffee-thing she turns on first thing every morning, and she is feeding those pesky varmints, the cats. Look at them winding around her legs and meowing as she fixes their dishes. They are such spoiled babies! They always seem to get fed first, and we don’t know why, but we think she does that so we can eat our meals in peace.

I notice the smell of the coffee filtering through the air as she fills our bowls and is fixing our food. I give a quick bay to the boys, signaling them that they need to get up here with me on the deck as it is almost time to go inside to eat. Beau comes tearing across the lawn, makes one leap and is on the deck beside me. How does he always do that so gracefully? I tried that once and I skidded into the table out here on the deck, and took out two chairs, and landed in a heap in the corner of the latticework. Kipper and Beau keep reminding me that my landing was not a pretty picture. Kipper takes his sweet old time waddling up here to join us. He has an old injury to his knee and doesn’t sprint much these days. Is he feeling his age, I wonder? He is a lot older than Beau and me, but still agile in other ways.

       Oh good, she has finally noticed me looking in at her through the window and she smiles and waves at me. Now that just doesn’t cut it when your belly is screaming the hum grumblies of hunger and you know there is food on the other side of that door just waiting for us, and we have to wait for her to open it. Think I will sit here and pout for a few minutes.


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